Deenish Collection

Wine/purple chrome and tin based glaze topped with a wood ash nuka glaze.

The white from the wood ash mixed with the chrome glaze gives subtle lilac colours where it is applied.

The wood ash makes up one third of the nuka glaze, is locally sourced and would normally be seen as a waste product.

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Blasket Collection

The main body of these pieces have been glazed using one third, locally sourced, turf ash and are then topped with a glaze using oat husk ash which was made using oat husks given to me by the lovely people at The Merry Mill who grow and process organic oats.

They are a rich to dark chocolate brown depending on the clay used under the glaze and have a turquoise to pale green top where the oat husk glaze has been applied.

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Ross Collection

Raw Iron rich stoneware clay with imprints of Irish wild flowers highlighted using oxides or left bare, complimented with a matt turquoise glaze.

This glaze was created with the copper pools in the National park in Killarney in mind and the clay and glaze combination has a very earth and water elemental feel to it.

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